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Estimate vs. Quote…?

We make every attempt to help our customers get the best quality service at the best price available.

An “estimate” is exactly what it is meant to be, an estimation of what we think it might cost to complete a job.

A “quote” is the total price, no hidden fees at the end, and no questioning what the customer expects to pay.

Both are free but we prefer to look at jobs and give a quote onsite. A flat-rate that includes everything from dump fees, fuel, labor, and state sales tax.

When we look at a job, we are looking at location/distance, accessibility, weight of items, how many loads, etc. We have also met many customers who ask to help load the truck to save money. We are always prepared to handle the toughest, dirty jobs ourselves but we also understand a customer wanting to help so they can save money. And that is always an option!

Most of the time, when we come to give you a quote, we will be ready to complete the job at that time if requested. This helps keep costs lower by eliminating a second trip. We always work with the customer to ensure that it fits in to their schedule.

Hopefully, we’ve explained why we price jobs the way we do. We can give an estimate over the phone but you may be surprised at how we could save you money if we give you a flat-rate quote onsite.

If you have questions pertaining to your particular junk removal needs – please just call us and ask!

Thank You!

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